Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Back from the Strong First Leadership meeting in Salt Lake City

A great weakend (get it....) capped off by getting to meet Dr. Judd Biasiotto and hear him speak for a couple of hours - Excellent speaker, great man and just what I needed to hear.
(more on that soon)

Training today:

Prep - Foam Roller, Primal Move

Get-up 24kg + arm bar x 1+1
Get-up 24 kg x 3+3

1 arm 1 leg push-up x 1+1
Pistol x 1+1

DL x 315 x 3, 3, 3
Bench x 225 x 3, 3, 3
Neutral grip pull-up + 20 kg (on foot) x 3, 3, 3

Ab Wheel x 5, 5 (nose to floor from knees)

20 min Stationary Bike - random program (70-80% HR)

Toying with the idea of a PL meet of sorts this year....see what KBs will do for you


Unknown said...

Happy new year!! I'm your big fan!!

Actually there’s one thing I have always been curious about.
What kind of foamroller do you use for prep? rumble? plain? grid?

Brett Jones said...

Thanks Lee

foam roller - usually a PB elite foam roller, a travel size rumble roller at home, a protocol (no longer produced)roller at my studio

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