Friday, January 28, 2011

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My article:

Gray Cook Article:

Breathing article by Tara Roberson:

Get-up Article by David Whitley:

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Training - for the curious....

I have been training ;-)
Typically it is something like this:

Prep work = Foam Roller, ASLR, Brettzel
I have started to incorporate a little tumbling - nothing extreme just some forward and backward rolls etc... and this feels great

24 kg Get-up of some sort (low volume with an arm bar to start)
24 kg SLDL for a set or two to check in with the hips
24 kg Overhead Squat and Sott's Press practice

Weighted Pull-ups 3-5 sets
Front squat (barbell)
Full Contact Twist or Ab Wheel

Kb Ballistic - yesterday was one arm swings 24 kg 180 total.

Feeling good and making progress all around

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Gary Horn said...

Great article by Cook. As I approach 55, toughness is more important than strength.

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