Friday, September 15, 2017

Training update...

It has been a tough week.
We found out Thursday morning 9/7 that my Mother-in-Law had passed away so everything came to halt and we got ourselves together and made the trip be a part of the arrangements and funeral etc...
The funeral was a great celebration of her life and she was well loved and is now at peace.

Saturday and Sunday I was able to get in a hotel workout:
Elliptical 30 min
DB press x 50# x 15
DB row x 50# x 15
Goblet squat x 50# x 15
DB "skull crushers" x 25# x 15
DB Curls x 30# x 15

Good to get some work in to assist in handling the stress.

Drive back to Pittsburgh on Tuesday

Wednesday 9/13
prep - Foam Roller and GFM
24 kg Get-up + x 1+1
36 kg Get-up x 1+1 x 5 sets

36 kg Strength Aerobics x 30 sets
{Clean + Press + FS} 10 seconds on and 30 seconds off
switch hands each set
rest 2+ minutes
36 kg One-Arm Swing x 5 every 30 seconds x 10 sets


Last night 9/14
Elliptical x 42 min
level 14, random, avg. HR 130
Certainly hit some higher heart rates during some of the Hills but I had been getting the same avg. HR at level 11 or so previously so I may just be getting in better "shape".

Rest and continue to try to catch up.

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