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About Applied Strength & Brett Jones

Applied Strength is the work of Brett Jones. Incorporating all of his experience and knowledge into a system and philosophy that helps you achieve your goals. From rehabbing prior injuries, designing a program to help prevent injuries, and achieving your ultimate you - Brett has a combination of experience and knowledge unique in the fitness industry.

Able to take scientific and technical information and create simple and effective means of applying it to the "real world" — Brett is an exercise technician and insightful professional. You will not be "pigeon holed" or looked at in a bubble — your program will be thoughtfully and carefully designed to encompass all possible variables.

"I have over ten years experience as a strength and conditioning professional combined with seven years experience as both an Athletic Training student and formerly as a certified Athletic Trainer. I hold a B.S. in Sports Medicine and a Master's in Rehabilitation Science from Clarion University. My clients have included athletes of every level and I bring an in-depth knowledge of orthopedic evaluation and rehabilitation and expertise in behavior modification. A former director of a hospital based fitness program, I have extensive experience in evaluating and implementing exercise programs to suit the needs of each client."
~ Brett Jones

Brett's Professional accreditations include:

  • Bachelor of Science in Sports Medicine from High Point University

  • Master of Science in Rehabilitative Science from Clarion University

  • Senior Russian Kettlebell Certified (RKC, Sr.) instructor

  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)

  • Certified Red Nail Bender

  • Champion of the First Tactical Strength Challenge 32kg Division — October 2002

  • Advisory Board for the Functional Movement Screen —

  • Presenter for the Functional Movement Screen — being implemented by professional sports teams and personal trainers — the Movement Screen is the way to achieve "balance" in your training.

  • Advisory Board Member for Iron Core La Jolla


"Brett Jones has an infinite amount of knowledge as a personal trainer and kettlebell instructor. Iron Core La Jolla has continued to thrive and grow in large part because of Brett's depth of experience. I have observed him run classes and workshops and am always in awe at how effective and challenging his circuits are. From the client who has been using kettlebells for a long time to the client who is just getting started, Brett has got a lot in his bag of tricks to keep everyone's attention and keep them coming back for more."
~ Sarah Lurie, RKC, Owner, Iron Core La Jolla

Read more testimonial here.

What does all of this mean for you? That is what it all comes down to — How is this going to benefit you? You receive my years of knowledge and experience distilled into a program designed specifically for you and your individual needs and goals. Then we continue to guide your progress and work together to achieve success.

Contact us now to find out how the Applied Strength Training Programs can help you to achieve your fitness goal.

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