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Client Testimonials

"I have been in the fitness industry for many years, so I'm very hard to impress. However, Brett Jones did exactly that when I asked him to come to the Institute of Human Performance and educate my staff, as well as local fitness professionals. I was impressed with his professional, yet compassionate spirit. I also admired the way he communicated with all attendees at our seminar. He was extremely knowledgeable on the subject matter (i.e. Kettlebell Training), and stayed on point during the entire seminar. The amount of information was perfect to facilitate the "wow affect", as well as learning. When I asked Pavel for one of his best Kettlebell instructors, he recommend Brett — I now understand why. If you asked me now — my absolute recommendation would also be Brett Jones for Kettlebell training.

"PS. OH YEAH — and he is as strong as hell. A couple of bent nails and phone book rips and you'll believe it too."

~ Juan Carlos "JC" Santana, Director, Institute of Human Performance (, Intocombat (

"Brett's training is the whole package! ... Brett did a super job combining both a comfortable learning environment and great ability to teach proper technique. He is well versed in fitness, kettlebells and physiology."

~ Dale LaRue

"Top notch all around.. (Brett) was able to make the exercises more athletic and explosive. Brett is a very professional instructor who knows his subject well and he has great attention to detail."

~ Tim M

"I enjoyed the training and particularly the manner in which it was packaged into a progression of easily digestible blocks of information."

~ Jeff Clancy

"Top notch as usual.. I've seen (Brett) present before and (I) always come away with new and valuable information.. and for someone that makes their living training others that's a huge benefit."

~ Doug Slinker

"Brett Jones has an infinite amount of knowledge as a personal trainer and kettlebell instructor. Iron Core La Jolla has continued to thrive and grow in large part because of Brett's depth of experience. I have observed him run classes and workshops and am always in awe at how effective and challenging his circuits are. From the client who has been using kettlebells for a long time to the client who is just getting started, Brett has got a lot in his bag of tricks to keep everyone's attention and keep them coming back for more."

~ Sarah Lurie, RKC, Owner, Iron Core Kettlebell

"Brett's instruction is motivating and incredibly effective. He is a skilled teacher, an inspiring mentor, and an exceptional trainer. Brett puts together challenging workouts and provides attentive instruction on how to correctly complete a particular exercise or an entire circuit. My strength, flexibility and body awareness has increased exponentially since I began training with him."

~ Kelly Urban

"I have been training at Iron Core for the past year. Previously, I had been working with a personal trainer at my local gym and never saw the results that I have seen working with Brett and the kettlebell workout. My strength and endurance have improved dramatically as well as my overall appearance. I feel more confident and relaxed. It has helped in relieving stress and has improved my energy level. It is a pleasure to have Brett as my personal trainer! He keeps me focused and encourages me to achieve the next level."

~ Sylvia Verdugo

"Great demonstration of the exercises and pointing out the do's and don'ts. There was lots of variety, excellent instruction and great personality."

~ Karen H.

"Brett is an excellent instructor, very confident in himself and his abilities and he is very clear in his delivery. I thought the attention to proper form, safety, individual ability and assistance with form and technique were all very useful."

~ Bill C.

"Awesome workshop, Brett answered every question asked even about exercises not covered in the workshop."

~ Jackson B.

"This was a great experience for someone who has never trained with kettlebells or is new to kettlebells. The technique of the exercise, the stretching techniques, breathing techniques and the hands of practical application was the most useful part of the seminar for me."

~ John D.

"Brett showed us exactly how to perform all the exercises in a clear and concise manner. He made sure our form and technique was proper before moving on. Brett is an excellent instructor and I want to take more of his workshops!"

~ David G.

"The progression of exercises made sense, the detailed explanation was excellent, demonstration of correct form was appreciated, combining the moves to make new exercises was fun and referring to a specific application of exercises was great. Brett is very knowledgeable and entertaining too!... I already brought my friend to this (workshop) because of my experience at a prior workshop."

~ Jill Knipp

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