Monday, October 26, 2009

Greetings from Hungary...

A great FMS course in Hungary!!


tb said...

And I am so glad to have been one of the participants! Excellent course, wealths of information in mere two days time and a really great, dedicated coach to get acquainted with! My philosophy of human movement and exercise was already on a similar path before - and this course made it quite sure that it will not do detours for another while :) Thanks a lot Brett! -- Bal√°zs, the runner/yoga/crossfit guy with an annoying amount of questions :)

Brett Jones said...

great having you at the FMS course - no question is annoying - you were all asking the "right" questions and it was a great course.
Keep me posted


Judit said...

Thank you, Brett!
The FMS course was overall an absolutely amazing experience - in no small part due to your presence.

Looking forward to seeing you again :)

Brett Jones said...

Thanks Judit - it was great being there and working with all of you.

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