Thursday, October 08, 2009

Off to the first East Coast RKC...

I am headed to Philadelphia, Pa today for the first east coast RKC. Really looking forward to teaching this weekend.

Otherwise I am turning Clubs and still moving.

Davor's comment below on my last post and some Dragondoor Forum posts have me thinking:

Are you ready for a volume routine?
What do I mean by a volume routine? Check this article for the Russian Squat Routine:
Insane right? Especially if you use it for your deadlift!
I went through the RSR twice for my deadlift and added 50 pounds both times. So it works but you won't be doing much of anything else while you are on it.
So how do you know if you are ready?
First - just assume that you aren't. Mean, I know but most people think they are an advanced lifter when they are just climbing toward intermediate.
Second - Clean up your movement before taking on a routine like this. FMS, Z - whatever but move often, move well and move with a purpose.
Third - Technique, Technique, Technique - did I mention technique? A volume routine can cement your form - is it exactly what you want to have cemented?
Forth - There is a Pre-RSR provided in the article - use it.
Fifth - Understand that specializing in something means giving up other stuff.

Not a complete list and it needs to be tailored to you - the individual - but it should provide a starting point for those of you thinking of a volume routine.

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