Sunday, November 07, 2010

Club Swinging Workshop...

The Certified Indian Club Specialist workshop is set for March 12-13 2011 and is open to all interested individuals:
Click here for CICS information

I have the honor of teaching this second CICS workshop. It will be a great opportunity to get dialed in on Classical Club Swinging as taught by Dr. Ed Thomas.
Emphasis will not only be on learning the fundamental Club Swinging movements and postures as laid out in the Club Swinging Essentials DVD and Manual but also instructional tips and progressions not covered in that product.

Starting KB Muscle Program
I am starting Geoff Neupert's Kettlebell Muscle program and had my first workout yesterday.
Now I am adding a "break-in" period of reduced volume (sets of 3 instead of 5) for 3 weeks since I remember how challenging the program was when I gave it a test drive for Geoff and I know I need a bit of time to ease into it.
Click the banner below for information on the product:

Kettlebell Muscle

I will not be posting the details of my workouts while using KB Muscle since all the details are provided in Geoff's excellent book. Double 24 kg Kbs will be used and I will be adding in Get-up and Swing days in between KB Muscle days.

Why follow KB Muscle?
#1 - Geoff writes some of the best programs in the KB community.
#2 - I need to free up my brain and as Dan John says "I need to - Just do this."
#3 - Who doesn't like a program that gets them more muscle and better conditioning?
#4 - I will actually be home for a few weeks and able to follow a program.

(the links for Kb Muscle , HKC and the CICS are affiliate links)

Also coming in January in Alexandria VA I will be teaching a combination HKC on the 22nd followed by a 6 hour KBs and Clubs workshop on the 23rd.
For details on the HKC:
Click Here - HKC Details

And for details on the KBs and Clubs workshop:

Training today:
Prep - Foam Roller, Brettzel, stretch
40 kg x Get-up x 2+2 + 20 alternating swings
24 kg x Get-up x 2+2 + 20 alternating swings
32 kg x Get-up x 2+2 + 20 alternating swings
2# Club Swinging


Unknown said...

Hey Brett
I'm following Geoff's KB Muscle program now. I'm on my 8th week. I'm you'd incorporate the TGU and swings into the program. I'd be interested to do same. I'm currently using 16kg for KB muscle.
Thank you Zach

Ryan Toshner said...

"Double 24 kg Kbs will be used and I will be adding in Get-up and Swing days in between KB Muscle days." -Brett

"Brett, are you just planning to do that on your 'break-in' period with sets of 3 or were you planning to continue on when you go to sets of 5?" -Ryan

"So to recap, you will be performing three training sessions each week. That's it. No more. If you want more, then you're not following the program correctly. Use bigger kettlebells...

...No offense, friend, but you're only special to your mother, who I'm sure loves you very much." -Geoff

Just trying to keep you honest... :)

(I'm doing the program right now as well, and all I really want to do on my off days is nap. You have more experience than I do, but I'm younger! Just sayin'.)

Brett Jones said...

As Ryan noted below - once I am doing the full blown program I won't be adding much of anything on the off days.
Although 2-3 get-ups on each side and 20 or so alternating swings might be doable just to work out the soreness from the previous days training.

See my answer above - I'm sure once I am doing the full program I will be resting on the off days.
I am building the build up program - hit reps of 4 for the heavy day exercises yesterday and will see how reps of 5 go next week.


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