Saturday, October 30, 2010


6 days of travel and teaching takes a toll on you.
Unless you have held a group's attention, been "on" and taught for 10 hours straight you don't know the fatigue that can come along with it.

No it's not the same as busting rock for a living but it is an emotional, mental and yes physical drain but I wouldn't trade it for anything!

At the CK-FMS I did manage a couple of workouts during lunch - one I really liked:

Bent Press practice:
Prep - arm bar, brettzel, ASLR
Bent Press weight ladder - 2 reps each side at each weight
24 kg x 2+2
48 kg x 2+2
28 kg x 2+2
44 kg x 2+2
32 kg x 2+2
40 kg x 2+2
36 kg x 2+2
36 kg x 20 alternating swings
Stretch - grab food and back to teaching...

These weight ladders used to much shorter before we had all the inbetween weights.
Might have to get a 44 kg...

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