Tuesday, October 05, 2010

A bit-o-practice today... and Stuff I Misplaced

I have decided that there are a couple of things I have misplaced (to say I lost them would mean I can't get them back and that just ain't so...)
#1 - My grip
#2 - My deadlift
#3 - My pull-ups

These are the things that I have neglected most in the past year and a half + since my ventral hernia became an issue in 2009. But it is now time to get back on the train there and get these back.

Too that end I have started using the 2x4 Pinch Block by Ryan Pitts (recommended by Dennis Rogers and my friend David Whitley) daily for a couple of sets of pinch block wrist curls or pinch block curls. Oh and I will be doing some double underhand bending a few days a week as well.
I have also started to get serious about my foot strength - performing lower leg exercises each day as well and building toward classic single leg calf raises.
I feel this will be an integral part of getting my deadlift back believe it or not.
Pull-ups - I just have to start doing them again - period. My house is a classic true 2x4 and 2x6 house where doorway pull-up bars don't work so I have to create a situation where I can get my pull-ups in in a consistent manner.

Some of this will require that I join my local gym again. It's a great place actually that is powerlifting and strongman friendly.

The theme for my training will be coming from Pavel and Dan John's upcoming book which I have been lucky to get a sneak peak of and it is going to be really, really good!

Movement Prep - 16 kg Get-up progressions for ASLR and Shoulders
16 kg Get-ups x 3 singles each side
2/24 kg KB Long Cycle Clean and Jerk x 5 reps x 10 sets

Decided that I had been overextending a bit in my previous long cycle practice and will be approaching that part of my training with a different perspective.


davor said...

Brett, you might be ale to save money by hooking up an empty weight bar in the 'hole' in the ceiling that is the access point to the attic.
I'm really interested in lower leg and lower arm health. Strength is always a great advantage, but in this modern era, where carpal tunnel syndrome and over-pronation are widespread, I'd love to be sure that the health of these areas is also being taken into consideration. I know your approach has always come from a 'functional/health 1st' basis so I'm looking forward to learning. The ballet exercise for the lower leg you once provided was pure gold.
Good luck 'getting a grip'

Brett Jones said...

I'm "getting my grip back" since I used to have a pretty high level of grip strength - for now some gripper work, pinch block wrist curls and some bending will be the way to go.
Carpal tunnel etc.. is typically repetitive motion + weak wrists
I am using the ballet heel raise myself right now.


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