Saturday, May 26, 2012

Becoming Bulletproof/Brookfield inspired training today

Bear crawls and hill runs

I have a 1/10th of a mile alley in the back of my house and I got inspired to do a little bear crawl and run training session.

One trip up the hill Bear crawl (1/10th mile)
4 Runs up the hill (1/10 mile x 4)
Half way up the hill Backwards bear crawl

Bear Crawling is NO JOKE!

This past Tuesday I had a good workout
Prep - foam roller, stretch, rolling
One arm One leg Push-up x 2+2
Pistols x 5+5

Pull-up x 24 kg x 5
Clean and Press double 24 kg x 5
SLDL double 24 kg x 5+5
FS double 24 kg x 5
HLR x 5
X 3 circuits

Airdyne - 10 minute total
1 min easy
8 x 15 sec on/45 sec easy
1 min easy


Blogging has been inconsistent but I am trying to get past a couple of things and will get back on consistent blogging soon.

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