Sunday, September 02, 2012

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September experiment

I will actually be home all of September so it is a great time for a little experiment.

Andre Patenko gave me a Bison forearm exercises - also known as Sotsky's Exerciser
so what I will do over the month of September is about 5 minutes per day of work on the Bison using various exercise variation found on the website (used #13 primarily today).
I have set a baseline using a COC gripper and I know where I am on bending at the moment so after a month I will re-test and see where I am in these two areas.

Also for the experiment I will be performing 5 minutes of calf work a day using a variety of movements: ballet heel raises, calf raises both on the ground and off of a step etc...

We will see where my lower body strength is at the end of the month and I have a calf measurement baseline.

In addition I will be continuing to work on handstands and other bodyweight work as well as some swings and other KB work.

Fun stuff


JimS said...

"Gray told me that I have an asymmetry, but I've looked everywhere, and can't find it!"

Brian G. said...

Now I don't have to describe the look I received while demonstrating Movement #3 at the CICS.

Thanks Brett.

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