Monday, July 07, 2014

Who knew blogging would be so hard??

Seems this is the first thing to slide when I get busy but I'll have to work on that.

couple of good questions from the last blog post I want to answer here:

sherlock asked about over-speed swings and snatches and if they can be used with armor building or strength work
Over-speed swings and snatches involve an accelerated eccentric where you actively "pull" the arms back to the ribs instead of letting gravity do the work for you.
Using this technique I can produce over 3.5 x bodyweight eccentric load at the bottom of a KB swing with a 24 kg KB - not a bad ROI (return on investment).
Over-speed eccentrics are like a spice where a little enhances the flavor of a dish but too much kills the dish.  So I like over-speed eccentrics best with a light weight for snatches or a moderate weight for swings.  Use this technique for skill practice or on the first couple of sets of a workout to "set the stage" for the sets to follow.
Combining it with armor building - use during light snatches at the finish of your armor building work.
Combining it with Strength work - again use it on the first couple of sets of swings or finish your movement prep with a set of over-speed swings to "prime the system".

Mark A. Rice asked about interpreting the workout listed on the last blog.
The last blog was a Grease the Groove style day where I had 5 circuits spread throughout a day.
Goblet squat, get-up, one-arm one leg push-up, pistol, chins and swings in an easy rep scheme.  This is a great way to accumulate volume without building fatigue.
Please ping me here again if this doesn't answer your question Mark.


I am back to my two most obsessional activities - bending nails and squatting.
Trying to squat 2 x a week and bend 2 x a week
Squats are low bar more PL style - feeling good

June 29th I had a good bending session
17 total bends - 12 60d nails and 5 Grade 5 bolts with some #2 CoC closes between bends

June 28 -
Prep - foam roller, stretch

315 x 3 x 5 sets

June 30
Prep - foam roller
24 kg x 1+1
28 kg x 1+1
32 kg x 1+1
36 kg x 1+1

225 x 6 reps x 6 sets

July 3
prep - foam roller
Get-up 24 kg 1+1 (+ arm bar, crooked arm bar)
Get-up 36 kg x 1+1

135 x 5
225 x 5
275 x 2 x 6 sets

July 5
12 total bends - 7 60d nails and 5 Grade 5 bolts
with #2.5 CoC attempts between bends

July 7
Prep - foam roller

24 kg x 1+1 (+arm bar and crooked arm bar) + 1 goblet squat + 10 alt swings
28 kg x 1+1 + 1 goblet squat + 10 alt swings
32 kg x 1+1 + 1 goblet squat + 10 alt swings
36 kg x 1+1 + 1 goblet squat + 10 alt swings

135 x 5, 225 x 5, 275 x 5
315 x 2
325 x 2
335 x 2
345 x 2
315 x 2

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