Monday, May 02, 2016

Couple of recent training days

BTW - I have been putting out quite a few articles on if you want to head over there and check them out.

With a Level 2 SFG to teach in about 5 weeks it was time to get under the double KBs again and start going overhead regardless of my right arm and things are going ok

Last Wednesday or Thursday I did a Double 24 kg workout

April 30
prep - Foam roller, GFM
24 kg Get-up plus x 1+1
20 kg Half kneeling windmill series right and left

Double 32 kg Cleans x 10
Double 32 kg Press x 3
Double 32 kg Squat x 5
X 5 circuits


Prep - Foam roller, GFM
24 kg Get-up plus x 1+1

Strength Aerobics
Alternating sets of
Double 24 kg Clean + Press + Squat
Double 32 kg Clean + Press + Squat
X 20 minutes (30 sets total)

44 kg x 5 reps at the top of the minute x 10 minutes
2 arm > Right hand > Left Hand > 3 times and final set of 2 arm


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