Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Travel, Training and Work...

I presented at the MAATA Conference (Mid-Atlantic Athletic Trainers Association) offering a one day FMS level 1 and a hands on session the next day for Essential KB techniques.
Always great to get in front of the ATs and present.

I have hit a couple of sessions since returning:

Prep: Foam roller and GFM
24 kg Get-up + x 1+1
24 kg Get-up x 5+5
24 kg 1/2 Kneeling Windmill series x Right + Left

Circuits - x 3 circuits
Double 24kg for the first circuit (reps at 3 per exercise)

Clean and press x 3
Get-up x 1+1 (adjust weight or reduce steps of get-up as needed)
Push press x 3
Clean and front squat x 3
Jerk x 3
Double swing x 3
Clean and press x 3
Double kettlebell snatch x 3
Push press x 3

Rest 15-30 seconds between exercises, and 2-3 minutes between circuits.
Do 1 clean per exercise set.

Getting ready for teaching level 2 in Chicago

Prep: Foam roller and GFM
24 kg Get-up + x 1+1
36 kg Get-up x 1+1
24 kg 1/2 kneeling windmill series x Right + Left

36 kg One-arm Swing x 100 total reps (50 each hand)
Secret protocol ;-)

20 min Elliptical - alpine hill, level 10, avg. hr 135


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