Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I am not immune...

I am not immune from the advice and consequences of not following my own advice (as much as I would like to be).

As a result of starting Sumo DLs at the end of my squat cycle I have irritated my right ischial tuberosity (or SITS bone) where the hamstrings attach. This started as a very minor irritation and grew until after Monday's workout it was pretty painful. Nothing torn or bad - just irritated and painful.

Z, foam roller, ice etc... and no squats or DL until next week.

Lessons learned - Sumo DLs and me just don't get along! Anytime I work these at all they bite me back and I end up with a less than desirable result.
This is a big one...
LISTEN to your body and DO NOT push into PAIN.

Not that I was having "pain" - but as Boyle says - any answer other than NO is a yes. I couldn't say no - so something was off and I should have stopped sumo DLs after the first session.

So I will be going back to conventional pulls and squats next week and listening very carefully to my body.


Aaron Friday said...

I really can't imagine the weight your lifting, but maybe "No answer other than Yes should be No" would be a better guide at your advanced level.

You're going to do great, despite the temporary recovery you need. And you'll do it with poise and confidence.

Brett Jones said...

Thanks Aaron - it is always an interesting journey.

Unknown said...

Brett, hope you heal fast. I met Geoff Neupert and he introduced me to Z-health. My elbows feel wonderful in only 1 day. Now i've got to learn more about that...

Mike T Nelson said...

Brett, is there a Z person in your area? Just curious since an in person visit is way better than internet.

Sorry to hear about the pain. You will persevere and be better than ever soon.

Try some Z elbow circles--very precise and slow, lateral ankle tilts and possibly an outside toe pull. All done very precise, tall spine, very low tension. Let me know how it goes.

Do you pull barefoot? May be worth trying if you do not and see how it feels.

Heal up fast!
Mike N

Brett Jones said...

Thanks Tim - I am looking forward to the R-phase.

Mike - funny you mention that Geoff had similar advice and I will be able to see you, Andrea or Brad next week at the RKC. On the lateral ankle tilts there is a difference between the manual and the video and I finally had success with the lateral ankle tilt using the form from the manual. And I am improved today.
Will keep you posted.

Rick & The Family! said...

None of us are immune my friend. I respect the hell out of you for taking care of your body like you do. One day I hope I can get my head right and do the same.

I believe I am headed on up to the 242 for November and going to gun for 800-450-750...

Let the games begin.


Brett Jones said...

Thanks - it took one back surgery for me to get my head around taking care of myself this way - lesson learned - I hope ;)
I'll be keeping an eye on your move to 242 - new goals and bigger weights!

Mike T Nelson said...

Sounds good. It would be great to meet you in person!

Any of us can help you out, just drop a line.

Rock on
Mike N

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