Monday, August 06, 2007

Training today - 8/06/07...

Squats 445 x 4 (belt only), 455 x 4, 4 (belt and wraps)

And that was all I had time for - the squat program called for 435 today so you can see I continue to modify the program and bump where I can and performing the first sets belt only (the program calls for wraps on all sets after the second cycle).
The last three week cycle will be interesting - looking at some of the numbers coming up I will be challenged to keep performing the first set with the belt only - but that is what makes all of this so much fun!

Geoff has had some great posts recently on Z Health so check out his blog (link on the right)

Rif continues to pump out great stuff - with his recent "clients are not some other species of human with a different physiology" talk - remember if you are bored with your routine it isn't heavy enough. Check his blog on the right...

Aaron Friday had a good post a few days ago on some money related issues - very timely in this volatile market and times - link on Rif's blog....

I will be on a phone interview with Zach Even-Esh tomorrow so that will be interesting - I am really looking forward to speaking with Zach.

As I begin to study and practice Z in preparation for Sept I am finding some interesting stuff - movements that I feel should be smooth that are not and just standing in neutral stance with out my quads contracting takes some effort. This is very interesting stuff.


Mark Reifkind said...

more good squat training and if all one has time for is heavy squats usually everything else falls into place when strength is the goal.

also, like the links to your applied strength web site from the blog, I will have to play with that myself,thanks.

OH YEAH, thats one HELL of a testimonial from Juan Carlos Santana! Way to go man, it don't get any better than that.
You da man.

Mike T Nelson said...

Cool that you signed up for Z Health training. I think you will really enjoy it! I am interested to hear your thoughts once you get back.
Anything I can do to help, let me know.
Mike N

Aaron Friday said...

Hey, I just stopped by to see if there was an opportunity to give Brett the nail bender some shit, and I see that he mentioned my blog. I'm honored.

Yeah, the markets are volatile as hell right now, and still overpriced. Mortgages and cheap money have kept our economy floating for years, and now the whole business is getting an attitude adjustment as people sell their holdings to get out of stupid deals they never should have signed up for in the first place. Plus, inflation is rampant and our government refuses to report it.

Icky stuff. Squats, DLs and KBs are a much better investment in one's future.

Royce said...

Brett do you just note your top sets. In other words, did you only do 3 sets of 4 or did you work up to 3 sets of 4?

Brett Jones said...

Thanks - the testimonial from JC is one I am very proud of...He is a great guy and certainly a leader in the industry.
Thanks also for the feedback on the squats here and below - means a great deal coming from you.

Mike N - I am very much looking forward to it and will have a link to your blog (which I have been reading) soon.

Aaron - Thanks - love the "interview" from today.
Squats and DL and KBs it is...

Royce - My build up to my worksets - see today's blog

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