Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Prep work - Z

32kg Get-ups - Various styles
10 singles L and R

Pistol practice - {down on 2 - up on 1} x 2+2, 2+2


Get-up styles:
Arm bar start
Half Kneeling press x 2
Snatch (x5) get-down - switch hands - Snatch (x5) get-down
Overhead squat negative
Bottoms up x 1 R - 0 Left
2kb one hand (32kg+20kg) 52 Kg Get-up x 1+1

What can I say- I am just grooving on the get-ups.
The 52kg get-up was good - just need to perfect the handle positions.
Bottoms-up get-up was ok on the Right but still not going on the Left so I just did a regular get-up.
Basically I went - arm bar, Half kneeling press, Snatch switch get-down, OHsq negative, and then the bottoms up for one "set" and did the 2kb in one hand get-up the next "set". Then finished with 3+3 and 2+2. Hitting a lot of different areas and movements.


Dustin & Kenzie Rippetoe said...

I love the Snatch/GU combo. It is like a mini-package of RKC goodness.

Max Shank said...

I'm thinking of taking 4 weeks and Only doing Z and corrective prep and Get-up/VO2 max for training, any thoughts on that regarding frequency/volume etc? I have some Ideas but I'd like to know what you think about it.
I feel like I could still hit pistols and pullups with this routine.

Brett Jones said...

A mini package of RKC goodness - Love it!!

Max - you can do a bit everyday - my current routine is Get-ups one day, VO2max the next - day off when needed.
Vary the volume (between 10-30 total get-ups) and vary the volume and weight of the VO2 max training.

that should do it.

Frankie said...
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Adam said...


How did you get the two bells on to one hand? Are you stacking them?

I figure i can lift a dangerous amount of weight in one hand once i can figure out how your doing it.

What i was doing one on each side of the hand, but that does not work with the big bells. 32's are about the max, but i dont have anyone to hand me the other bell.

Brett Jones said...

I did have help but basically I rolled to my side as usual - tilted the KBs together and then had a bit of help getting them to the extended arm position.
But I am thinking that a "cheat" clean (just like a 2kb one hand press) and push press so you start the Get-up from standing might be the best way to go.

and yes - you probably can move a lot of weight this way but build up.

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