Thursday, May 21, 2009

RKC Prep training today...

Prep - Z
24 kg Low Windmill x 3+3
24 kg High Windmill x 3+3
RKC prep workout #1 - Swing focus w/ 24 kg x 2 circuits of:
Swing x 20 (for all sets - either 10+10 or 20 alternating)
Clean and Press x 5+5 (clean before each press)
Clean and Front Squat (clean before each squat)
Snatch 5+5
SLDL x 5+5

During the second circuit I did Bottoms up Clean and Press and Open Palm Snatches.

Getting ready for CK-FMS...

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Samantha Mattos said...

Hi Brett,

Any plans for RKC II in MN later this year?

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