Friday, February 12, 2010

Not a training session but a Learning session...

What if you didn't go to the gym to "workout" but rather you went to the gym to Learn and the "workout" was incidental. Ballet, dance, Gymnastics, Martial arts etc... you go to these "classes" to learn but get a "workout" in the process. What about your training?

Prep work - ASLR, Brettzel
16 kg Hip and shoulder openers
1# Club Swinging
16 kg Get-up x 5 singles left and right (various styles)
1# Club Swinging
16 kg Windmill x 5+5
16 kg SLDL x 5+5
16 kg Bent Press x 5+5
16 kg Goblet Squat x 10
Hip flexor stretch
16 kg One arm swing x 10+10+10+10
1# Club Swinging


Gary Horn said...

That's what's great about the studio I belong to. At N.E. Kettlebells, Michael Rendle TEACHES us, and the lesson IS the training/work-out. If he wasn't teaching my anything, I'd stop coming. Same with these blogs.

Great point.

Unknown said...

Hey Brett
What moves do you do with clubs? I just got a set +DVD from DD. I bring them to the gym with me. Are you planning to be in NYC?

Brett Jones said...

You are in good hands there with Michael.

I am working on the Club Swinging Essentials program coming out soon with Gray Cook, Myself and Dr. Ed Thomas. We identify and provide progressions and postures to enhance learning Club swinging.

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