Monday, March 10, 2014

Time flies...

So it's been 3+ months since I posted anything and my Mom didn't even call!
I can only assume my absence from the "blogsphere" was unnoticed.

Why has it been 3 months?  Busy - very busy
In late October I took a full time position on the Management of the club that I train people out of in Pittsburgh.  And I maintained my personal training schedule so I ended up putting 70+ hours in a week + my on-line clients etc....
As a result my blogging, my own training, my eating etc... took a distant 10th place to everything else.

Time to right the ship and get back on track

Recent training:

PRI based breathing work - daily

prep - Foam roller, Primal Move
20 kg Get-up
5+5 - with 5 swings at the top of each rep
4+4 - with 3 Front squats at the top of each rep
3+3 - with 2 Windmills at the top of each rep
2+2 - with a press at each step on the way up
1+1 - with an armbar and bridge at elbow and hand

Stationary Bike on "cardio" setting x 25 min (+5 min cool down)

prep - foam roller and primal move
alternating sets of
32 kg Get-up x 1+1
32 kg One arm swings x 5+5
X 5 sets of each

Stationary Bike on "cardio" setting x 20 min (+5 min cool down)

prep - foam roller and primal move
Get-up weight ladder
24 kg x 1+1
36 kg x 1+1
28 kg x 1+1
32 kg x 1+1
36 kg x 1+1

Snatch ladder
24 kg x 5+5
36 kg x 5+5
28 kg x 5+5
32 kg x 5+5
36 kg x 5+5

Precor AMT (adaptive motion trainer)
20 min on "interval" setting (+5 min cool down)
avg. HR around 160

Dietary work - too much sugar!
The single hardest thing for me to avoid in my diet is sugar.
But it needs to be kept in check so this will be my main dietary focus for now.

That's it for now

if you have any specific questions etc... please leave them here or on facebook

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