Friday, June 05, 2015

Jerks and Swings...

Today - 6/5/2015

Prep - foam roller and GFM

24 kg Get-up x 1+1 x 2

Alternating sets of
Double 24 kg Jerks x 10
One arm Swing 32 kg x 5+5
x 20 sets total (10 of each)

Took 40 minutes
Peak HR 161
Avg. HR 135
Two minute recovery 30+ beat drop in HR

There is a video of a recent GS athlete's performance of 101 Double 32 kg Jerks in 5 minutes - my sets of 10 with double 24s have a LONG way to go....

Couple of funny things from the interwebs:
Article out that recommended Swings over snatches because snatches bruise forearms - if KB snatches bruise your forearms you have a technique issue - period.

Tagged in a post that I don't know how to respond to.... we shall see....

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