Monday, September 14, 2015

Catching up...

Monday Sept. 7 
8+ mile hike
Turned out to be a challenging hike and a great time!

Tuesday Sept. 8 

Wednesday Sept. 9
My birthday
Birthday workout:
44 kg Windmill x 4+4
44 kg Goblet squat x 4
44kg one arm swings x 4 at the top of each minute x 44 minutes
switch hand each set
22 sets each hand
176 reps total

Thursday Sept. 10

Friday Sept. 11
Never Forget!
Driving range to hit some golf balls

Saturday Sept. 12
Golf outing - great time!

I love to golf  but I'm not sure my left hip loves to golf but the better I get at improving my hands in the swing the less stress I take so I think it will work out.

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