Friday, June 17, 2016

Back from the SFG level 2

My recent training has been focused on being ready for the SFG level 2 certification held outside of Orlando FL over this past weekend.  It was 90+ degrees and 90+% humidity over the weekend in an great facility but only cooled by industrial fans (So I had to speak over them all weekend) - fun stuff.
A great team of assistants and a great group of attendees!

Been very busy since returning so other then some "roll and stretch" sort of movement today was my first training day.  (which by the way I felt great demonstrating and moving at the workshop)

Prep - foam roller and GFM
24 kg Half kneeling windmill series x Right and Left
24 kg Get-up + x 1+1

24 kg Strength Aerobics x 20 minutes
40 sets total
alternating sets of {Clean + Press + FS + Snatch} right at the top of a minute and Left at the :30 mark of the minute and sets of {Clean + Press + FS + 3 snatch} same set up on the next minute


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