Friday, November 30, 2007

Visiting my folks...

I'm on a little trip for the weekend down in Virginia visting my parents. So to celebrate they had me work at the family business today rearrainging and moving some stock stuff and actual physical labor. Great to be home and be able to help my parents out.

Hoping for a bit of training tomorrow.

Deep thoughts for the day:
Movement - Movement - Movement. We don't do enough of it.

As long as you don't lose movement skill and efficiency you cannot be too strong.

I-phase expands Z by a factor of 10 or more - really interesting stuff as I sift through my I-phase manual.


Franz Snideman said...

Have fun with the folks Brett!

Brett Jones said...

Thanks Franz

Mike T Nelson said...

You will LOVE I Phase!! If you take I Phase to its logical conclusion, you will have a system to train anyone for any sport. The inclusion of visual, vestibular and myofascial testing is invaluable too.
Mike N

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