Wednesday, January 16, 2008

mikka bouzu and some interesting research...

I grabbed this off of Boris' Squat Rx blog and I absolutely love it -

mikka bouzu is a Japenese saying that means "Three Day Monk" and describes the individual who launches into a new goal or activity with grand plans and enthusiasm but has lost steam is looking for a new "shiny thing" in a very short period of time.

Kind of describes the way most people approach their fitness goals - Thanks Boris

Also - Boris had a quote from The Tao of Pooh and it reminded me of just how much I like that book and need to get a copy and visit the 1000 Acre Woods again.

And from the New York Times - a study that just facinates me...

What this means is they took the brain waves and activation patterns of a chimps brain and used that to provide the pattern for making a robot walk. This is Sci-fi come to life and may yield hlep for the paralized and expand our understanding of just how powerful thought and patterning the brain is to all that we do.
Thanks to Frankie F. for finding this one.


Anonymous said...

Oh the great "Tao of Pooh." I had to read that for my stress management class last semester. It has some great quotes and advice peppered throughout the text.

The NY Times article is also pretty sweet!


Brett Jones said...

Thanks Katie - Pooh was a smart bear!

Mike T Nelson said...

The NY Times article is amazing!
Behold the power of the mind!

There is over 3 decades of research into the placebo effect, but few seem to realize how this can be used to their benefit (no one here, just in general)

rock on
Mike N

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