Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Back to Basics...


One rep does make a difference...

Todays training is dual titled (like a Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon - yes??) because I am returning to a PTP style barbell workout and adding one rep per 15 seconds on the VO2 Max protocol does make a difference...

Snatch Grip DL 225 x 5, 5
suitcase DL 135 x 5+5
Side Press 65 x 5+5, 5+5

16kg VO2 Max - 8 reps per 15 seconds + 15 seconds off
x 30 sets in 14:45

After a couple of sets I knew the extra rep was going to hurt me - the virtual force of accelerating the KB made its impact! And after the grip work of the snatch grip and suitcase DL my forearms are feeling it as well. Shooting for a 4-5 day a week routine. Maybe step cycling just to ease back in to the DL etc...

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