Monday, June 30, 2008

Training 6/30/08:

VO2 Max and RKC Level 2 Wrap up...

Prep work:
Thoracic Rotation
Goblet Squat x 5
various swings and a couple of snatches

16kg VO2 Max - 8 reps per 15 seconds x 50 sets

16kg Windmill 5+5

I am convinced more than ever that Kenneth Jay's VO2 Max protocol is the way to go and will be working towards 80 sets of 8 reps per 15 seconds! Loads of fun - BTW - Kenneth is simply brilliant when it comes to the science behind the conditioning. Check out his Advanced Strength Strategies DVD is you haven't already.

RKC Level 2 wrap up -
The good - a great group of people there to learn
The Bad - we had to spend a lot of time reviewing Level 1 exercises and materials.
People need to work on perfecting and honing perfect form not get distracted by shiny things.
Overall - it was a great weekend and those that made it through earned their Level 2.
Great job and congrats to the new Level 2 RKCs.


Mike T Nelson said...

What are your current goals related to the VO2 max protocol?

What are your thoughts/experience with it transferring to other CRF intense activities?

Rock on!
Mike N

Anonymous said...

Ditto on the KJ comment and his 15:15 snatch protocol!!! I have made this a core conditioning workout...glad to hear you had a good cert; that is funny what you said about "shiny moves"...i have noticed lots of workouts on blogs lately that seem to be more "trick" than training...I don't understand why folks want to reinvent the wheel - just roll with it!! master the basics!! that's what the elite do - right?? later, alan

Anonymous said...

Hey Brett,
I checked out Kenneth jay's dvd and your's. Both are great and really informative. I'm starting to use both techniques (VO2 max and Corrective strategies) on myself and clients. It all works...My clients are happy they don't have to run!!! haha, but the 7 snatch for 15sec works.

Taikei Matsushita said...

Thank you Brett.
It turned out to be a great weekend. I felt like attending couple semesters of college class in 3 days.

Sean Schniederjan RKC said...


How would you define a mastery of the basics? Being able to teach and apply to people of diverse levels of fitness/strength?

Brett Jones said...

My current goals are to hit the 80 sets of 8 reps per 15 sec. and then go up to the 20 kg and begin again.
If you have a chance to see Kenneth's presentation in regards to transfer it will answer the question but I would simply say that it is "true" vo2max training due to intensity etc... and has great carryover.

Thanks - basics always work.

Thanks - a powerful heart on a "straght" frame is a great combination.

It was great having you at the Level 2 and yes there was some great information shared over the weekend. thank you.

Check my blog today - that is a great question.

fawn said...

It was a pleasure to see you this last weekend, like always! I was dissapointed to miss attending level 2 this year. Perhaps a good thing, I will work on the basics and be ready for level 2 next year!

Rapid Results Fitness - Betsy Collie said...

Brett, Thanks for exceptional leadership this past weekend at RKC Level II. Your expertise is amazing! I have come back to Durham with even more appreciation of KBs and our RKC community. I will strive to master the basics! Thanks for everything! Betsy

Lauren Brooks said...

Thanks again Brett! Really enjoyed your presentations. It was nice seeing you again.

Take care,


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