Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Travel Schedule...

For the interested or just bored - here is my travel schedule for the coming months...

June 26-29 - RKC Level 2
July 10-13 - Durham, NC for Z Health I-phase
July 18 - FMS course outside of Boston
July 26 - Corrective Strategies Workshop - Los Angeles, Ca
July 31 - Aug 3 - LA RKC
Aug 7-10 - CK-FMS in Minneapolis
Aug. 23-24 FMS course in Dayton, OH
Sept 5-6 - FMS course in Liverpool, England
Sept. 26-27 - Kettlebell Basics Course at the Cooper Clinic, Texas
Oct. 3-5 - RKC in Hungary
Oct. 9-12 - RKC in Minneapolis
Oct. 16-19 - World Golf Fitness Summit, Annaheim, CA

Potential workshops -
Early November in San Diego
November 29 in Atlanta

Want me for a workshop? Better start working on it now!

Quick training 6/25/08...
Prep work - Thoracic rotation, ASLR, Full Body Z
Snatch Grip DL 275 x 5, 245 x 5
Side press 85 x 2, 65 x 2

Side press peak is always quicker than DL so I will cycle back and maybe go to ladders.
DL - I might shift to a double overhand Sumo DL when I get back from MSP.

Off to MSP for the RKC 2


Franz Snideman said...

That is one packed calendar!

See you in August at the UCLA RKC!

Anonymous said...

hey brett,
how does the cooper clinic accept kb training? or the whole tension, ballistics, short/ interval style training? must be good to be holding a clinic!! good luck with your trips!! looks fun!! alan

Jwood said...

It's your turn Brett!!! Best of luck

Brett Jones said...

Thanks Franz - see you in LA

Alan - they are open to them and looking to use them with their personal training clients - we will see what they think of Party Principles after I have been there.

Thank JWood!

Scott Storey said...

Brett, is there any more information on the FMS in Liverpool? Thats a very short trip for me and i'm interested. Is there a contact for it?



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