Monday, August 25, 2008

Training today 8/25/08...

Prep work:
Lots of brettzel, ASLR and mobility work

24kg Get-ups x 6 singles each side, more brettzel..., then 4+4 continous

24kg Alternating swings x 30, 30 (concentrating on overspeed eccentric)

Hip flexor streching etc...

I was in Dayton, OH this weekend teaching the FMS to a group of trainers there - but the driving and teaching left me a bit stiff so lots of mobility work today. On the Get-up singles I was using the overhead squat to begin the negative and then the 4+4 were just high-bridge and lunge style.


Mike T Nelson said...

Gotta ask
What is Brettzel? A pretzel gone bad? hehehe.
Sounds like the thumb is healing well!
Rock on
Mike N

Franz Snideman said...

The bretzel is awesome! Been doing it quite a bit myself! It's helping my shoulders....a lot!

Yoana loves it as well!

Boris said...

Hi Brett,
I sent you an email last weekend. Let me know if it got to you.


Brett Jones said...

details on the Brettzel to be coming soon.
the thumb is 97% - doing well.

Franz - gotta love it - glad to hear the shoulders are doing well and tell Yoana I say hello.
How's the baby?

Got it.

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