Saturday, December 05, 2009

A new definition of Balance...

I am used to talking asymmetry and balancing out movement patterns and restriction in the body but I am involved in another type of balancing act at the moment - balancing out my blood levels and reaching therapeutic level with my medications.
Blood draws every 6 hours and tweaking the meds to get me in the right zones which will allow me to go home (looking like monday now...) and lots of rest are the order of the day.

"Shock Value"

We talk about shock value in re: to marketing, news stories etc... but shock value has a whole other meaning when you find out that the shortness of breath you almost blew off was actually a life threatening situation. I have been extremely blessed and fortunate in my life and was again in this case.
My PCP's nurse took my phone call on Friday morning and recognized the situation right away and they made sure I was taken care of quickly. (Guess who's getting a Christmas Card?)
I reached a point while waiting for the results of a CT scan with contrast (getting that contrast put in is an interesting experience) where I was complaining about the cost and "what a waste of time this was...." (i think my wife said something about being a "typical male" - not sure what that means...) when the Dr. came back and confirmed that it was indeed a PE and that I would be admitted etc... WHAM!!! Right between the eyes!
It's just a shock - no other way to describe it. I'm fine and everything is ok but the realization that it could have very quickly and very easily been far more is "shock value" as far as I am concerned at the moment.
Considering my age, fitness and the fact that I have basically zero other risk factors (other than recent surgery - a major risk factor) - it has even more "shock value" - I mean I am fit and strong etc.... this shouldn't be happening to me...all of that...
And my situation is really mild - it didn't go the other way and I did get taken care of and people receive far worse news or have far worse outcomes than I am having so don't think that I am inflating the experience. But - every experience is unique and significant to the individual.

Lesson learned - Listen to your body and get help from the right people.
And be thankful for every moment - "No day is guaranteed anyone."


Anonymous said...

Hi Brett, I know many are keeping you in their prayers. Count us in also here in Columbus, OH. Please take care.

Judit said...

Dear Brett,
This must have been a nasty shock.
I hope everything is under control!
Rest a lot, heal fast!

Mike Mahler said...

Sorry to hear about your ills Brett. Hope you get better soon.

Mark Reifkind said...

glad you are doing better and believe me, I know what you mean about shocks like this. things can come out of the blue and change your life forever.
keep healing well my friend.

Chris said...

Hey Brett, Staff asked that you stop doing get up with IV equipment. With all sicerity there are no coincidences with why or when things happen. Get well quick.

Danny Evans said...


I wish you a speedy recovery! Take care.

Jordan Vezina said...

I'm glad they caught that Brett, and that you're going to be okay. You're right, nothing is guaranteed. Nowhere is it writ in stone that we have some right to live to 90.

Paul Wade said...


Man, you seem to be hit with some skanky luck this year, huh? I have this cool vision of you going through a general health check at hospital, and having to have a standard grip-strength test. I'd love to see the doc's face as he looks down at his broken, mangled equipment!! Ha!

It's lucky you are a real powerhouse with an amazing constitution as a result of years of dedicated training. I got no doubt that'll help you recover faster than otherwise'd be true. My thoughts are with you over here man. Get well soon.


Anonymous said...

Get well Brett.

Brett Jones said...

Thank you everyone - all of your thoughts and prayer have been of great comfort over these past few days.

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