Sunday, December 20, 2009

This is how great writers write....


Anonymous said...

Cats: Best animal.

That picture is awesome! :)

Papucs orrĂ¡n Pamutbojt said...

Great...we have had a cat called Chou En-lai, who could type pages and pages of pure XXXXXXXXXXXX...and OOOOOOOO etc., we thought he had thought the letters being some virtual mice :-) and he was sitting by the computer for long minutes :-)

The photo is lovely and I am glad you are ok again, Brett :-)

Brett Jones said...

Thanks Tim and Tiekuanyin
I am a bit concerned though that the cat pictures are more popular than my actual blogging??!!

Jon said...

Hey Brett..glad you're doing well and business is good. Just remember...dogs have owners but cats have "staff".

Anonymous said...

Everybody reads, Brett, but seeing cat pictures is like getting back to nature's basics. ;)

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