Thursday, June 10, 2010

Off the plane and off on a Jog...

What's a guy (or gal) to do while waiting on their hotel room to be ready?
Why go jogging in the famous Vondelpark of Amsterdam in their VFFs.

Established around 1864, it has great ponds, walking/running trails, bike access and incredibly beautiful scenery. So I put in 25 minutes of jogging around the park and then hit the room for a shower and a quick nap.

Jogging in the VFFs is still hitting the feet and lower legs pretty well so my feet and calves are sore but feel great getting a jog in after the flight. Maybe that will offset the travel better than just a nap ;-)
Push-ups and some leg raise progressions along with some stretching in the room for the next couple of days and then I might get up early and try to hit the Vondelpark again but we will see how the jet lag treats me.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Sorry Brett,
Screwed up my last comment. Are you a new user of the VFF's. Do you like, and recommend them for kettlebell use. They look natural but how do they feel? If you ask for a Kettlebell to be in your room will they comply? have a good stay.

Brett Jones said...

I've had the VFFs for over a year (almost 2 actually) and they are great for KBs and feel great.
REI and Dick's Sporting Goods have them so you can try before you buy.
I never worry about having a KB in the room - too much else going on.

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