Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Quick training before heading to MSP...

Movement Prep
16 kg Get-ups x 5 singles each side (various styles)
16 kg One arm swings x 150 continuous
(25+25, 20+20, 15+15, 10+10, 5+5)
16 kg Windmill x 5+5

I've been telling people for some time that if you locked me in a room with nothing but a 16 kg Kettlebell that I would come out strong and fit. Might just have to prove that.

Off to MSP for the June RKC tomorrow morning


Anonymous said...

Nice post. Who says you can't get a terrific workout with one kettlebell.

Unknown said...

All I need to work anyone out with is 1 Kettlebell. Knock them out. Love it.

Brett Jones said...

Thanks Mark and Donald...
One bell and done

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