Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Doesn't that hurt your back???

If I had a nickle for every time I was asked this question while swinging a KB, Deadlifting, or lifting Atlas Stones I would be a bit more comfortable in my life.

Here is where I think the question comes from - We are so disconnected from what true movement and performance looks like that people cannot conceive of something like deadlifting or KB swinging being good for you. The current machine based training (more on this in a moment) and unstable surface training crowd have disconnected us from ourselves.

A seated Chest press or seated row produces the highest forces on the low back - more than almost any other activity. Surprised? Don't be - think about it for a moment - does it make sense that when you try not to use a section of body while producing force within the body that the force will travel right to the weak link (the section trying to be inactive and unable to stabilize itself). When you actually produce force within the body the way it was meant to be produced - with the whole chain activated - you are safer.

So while the trend in exercise has been towards "safer" exercises - like machines and wobble boards - we continue to have high incidents of low back pain and shoulder injuries. Doesn't sound like the right direction to me.

Being able to pick something up off of the ground and being able to produce power from the hips are essential athletic and just plain human movements. Does this mean a Powerlifting style deadlift - not necessarily - there are many ways to deadlift and reconnect with this basic human skill. (Hint - there will be a video covering this soon)

So the next time someone asks the question - Isn't that bad for your back? What will you be thinking?


Ken Black said...

Some great posts Brett. Look forward to reading more.

Brett Jones said...

Thanks Ken,
Good to see you here - When I can get it figured out I will placing link on the blog.
Hope you are doing well.


Anonymous said...

Good post, Brett. Whenever I show the KB swing to cops, or new recruits, they all say the same thing, too. Funny thing, though, I unearthed an old video from the department archives circa early 80's where the lead PT instrucor then was showing the swing with a dumbbell. This was a required video to watch prior to using the department gym, back in the day!

Looking forward to reading your blog more.


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