Friday, October 27, 2006

Three and out...

Exercises that is - not downs...

Going off of my Occam's Razor article for Pavel's newsletter yesterday I would like to share my training from yesterday.
Keeping it simple:
Jump Rope x 5 minutes
Floor press alternated with Pull-ups
Floor press 205 x 6, 225 x 6, 245 x 5,5, 265 x 5
P-U 80# x 3,3,3 , 70# x 3,3
Deadlift with 35# plates extending the pull
375 x 5,5,5

That was it - upper body push, upper body pull and a full body pull. The jump rope at the beginning is a warm-up/foot strengthening drill.

My main goal coming up is the AAU meet in December in Las Vegas where I will be lifting in the deadlift only competition. And after having a peak at Pavel's upcoming newsletter (snail mail version) - I realized that I had left out my deadlifts using the 35# plates. This is just enough of an extended range for me. When I go back to the 45# plates it really does feel like a shortened pull and I am able to wedge super tight at the beginning of the lift.

What I see people do with the extended range DL is go too deep and lose the groove of their DL. You can go too deep in trying to do extended range pulls. This is a case where just a bit will do. If you go beyond your DL groove and round your back or change the lift - you will lose the carryover to your goal activity.

So for now I will be hitting the 35# plates DL (a light day like yesterday and a heavier day) and hitting the floor press to work on my tricep and lockout strength for the bench. After Dec. it will be time to hit the big three again and get ready for a full meet and my ultimate goal of hitting Raw elite.

Simple is as simple does.


Franz Snideman said...

By the way, that was a great article you posted on Dragon Door. Simplicity is truly the key. I agree it is so easy for all of us to get sucked into the "complexity is better" mindset. What a bunch of horse crap. Train the basics, focus on technique, be present when you train and set goals.

But then again, common sense is not too common anymore. Nice training too!

Anonymous said...

Excellent article, Brett. I will share this with my class who have been exposed and believe in the idea of "simple, not easy".

The breakdown of the push or pull in the four planes was perfect.

Anonymous said...

cool brett. I agree with the pulls with the 35's.those were one of my favorite ways to dl and the carryover to the comp dl is huge.

dl to the knee only is another great one for the start of the dl and to develop a killer wedge postition.

great article too dude. well done.

Brett Jones said...

Thanks Gentlemen - Simple is good.
It's amazing Rif - I seem to forget and get distracted from certain things. But the DL from 35# plates is a winner.

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