Thursday, October 19, 2006

The great thing about trying to write a daily blog is that it forces you to write everyday.
The bad thing about trying to write a daily blog is that it forces you to write everyday!

This brilliant (and somewhat contradictory) statement on the second day of my blog may seem pretty weird but follow along with me...

On the good side - daily writing is the best way to "learn" to write and improve your skills.
On the bad side - daily writing means having to create something meaningful to post and being unmotivated to write is not an option. (yes this "negative" is a positive - keep reading...)

The mental "Greasing the Groove" (from Pavel - see Naked Warrior for more details - clink the link on my products page) of daily writing is just as effective as the physical daily practice of a skill you want to improve. Dan John quotes Dan Gable who used to say "if something is important it is important enough to do everyday".

And when "motivation" isn't an option - great things start to happen. Thomas Edison provided us with the "99 percent perspiration - 1 percent inspiration" formula for genius. Well - physical genius is no different but we let "motivation" form a roadblock. What if that roadblock wasn't an option? What would you accomplish?

The logical question you are asking - "Well Mr. Second day of his blog having to write about motivation" - how do we remove the roadblock? Glad you asked...

First realization - Only you can remove the roadblock - you placed it there and you have to remove it.
Yes life happens and plans always need to be open to adapt to what the universe decides you need to deal with on a given day but motivation is yours - not someone else's.

Second realization - We are our habits and habits create our lifestyle (there is a great t-nation article on this sorry I cannot remember the author but I want to say it is that Dan John guy). If your habits and lifestyle do not support and create a situation where you can achieve your goals - you will not achieve them.

Third realization - Get busy being motivated or your not getting any....of your goals that is....
We can sit and bemoan our lot in life and find lots of blame to go around but until you take hold of these three realizations - your not getting any! (goals that is) How do you do this? - Keep reading....

For myself -
My self imposed roadblocks were being "too busy" to get all of the other things done I wanted to get done.
My habits and lifestyle (which I created) left me distracted and focusing my energy into other endeavors.
So what did I do about it...
I got busy being motivated!

I moved across country and have created a situation where I have to be motivated - or I'm not going to make it!

We use this method for correcting and teaching certain exercises - we place you in a situation where the movement teaches you and everything else flows off of that. Just as creating a situation where your habits and lifestyle focus your energies towards your goals will "motivate" you towards success.

Your physical goals will work with this formula - create a situation where your choice is to get busy being motivated or your not going to achieve your goals!

Thanks for reading and for help with creating a situation that leads to accomplishing your goals - check out my program design services on


The Training Room said...

Nice website Brett, I look forward to seeing any of your future projects.

Geoff Neupert said...

Great thoughts on motivation as a roadblock, BT6. I'm going to steal that idea and use it with my clients.

Drop me an e-mail, wouldya?

Brett Jones said...

Thanks Rif - we dont' have enough ritual in our lives.

Thanks Mike - keep up with the blog and I'll keep you up to date.

Thanks BT5 - Feel free to use this with your clients and I'll be dropping you an email very soon.


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