Tuesday, October 31, 2006

For some reason this came back to me today:

"It's not the stumbles in life that matter - it is the recovery that matters."

Lots of sayings and cliches in this vein - "Fall down 7 - get up 8" is an old chinese proverb if I am not mistaken.

But what I like about the reference to stumbles is that we all falter but not necessarily fall and we let it have the same effect. A bad meal, a missed workout, etc... and we write off our plan and set some other date to start again.

Well - if it is the recovery that matters and you have let a stumble become a fall - you need to work on your recovery!

The only moment we have to make a change is right now. Once a stumble has happened it is gone and you are in that critical recovery phase - will the stumble become a fall or will the recovery place you back on the path?


Anonymous said...

This is such a timely reminder. I've been trying to clean up my eating, and just after lunch today I was tempted by the plate of brownies that one of my co-workers brought in.

Well, I gave in to the tempation and ate the brownie. And enjoyed it for about a nano-second, at which point I began deriding myself for lack of willpower, etc., etc.

However, by treating this as a stumble, I still have time to recover and finish the day with clean food only. Let's see if this works.

Tommy Shook said...


To stumble is human, to recover is superhuman! We'll all have our moments both good and bad. I agree though, it is only possible to go with the flow, and not let the little stumbles set us back but rather propel us forward.
Good insight man, thanks!


Brett Jones said...

Thanks - jb - let me know how the day turned out.

Thanks Tom.

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