Wednesday, November 01, 2006

It's called STRENGTH training for a reason!

That is a little something that has been lost in the bodybuilding/unstable training based philosophies out there. We have gone from training to "working out" - from strength training to "sculpting" and it has ruined people's strength.

If you have visited the website and seen the logo on the home page you will see the Japanese symbol for strength inside a compass - this symbolizes the "cardinal points" of fitness with a center of strength. Strength is the most under-trained aspect of fitness in the traditional gym.

Doing sets of 15 with the same weight every time you go in the gym is not strength training. It is better than nothing but it is not strength training. When was the last time you progressed in your weights?

No seriously - when was the last time you followed a progressive cycling that resulted in an increase in your strength? If you can't remember or never have it is time to return to the roots of what weight training is all about- getting STRONGER!

This does not mean that everyone needs a power-lifting goal or needs to set a series of Maximal efforts - it does mean that your training should result in a progressive increase in your strength. Don't know how? Visit the Services section of my website and I will show you how (shameless self-promotion!).

So - Are you strength training or are you just working out?

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Brett Jones said...

Great to hear from you - progressive resistance training is a rare thing these days.

Hope all is well with you - I'm doing great here in PA


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