Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Grunting and noise in the gym...

See the NY Times story below on a Wappingers Falls, N.Y. man who had his Planet Fitness membership revoked for grunting during his workout:

It says during the story that he was using about 500 pounds "across his back" (I will take that to mean he was squatting!) And while lifting an employee informed him that he was breaking one of their rules - grunting - when he told her he was just breathing heavy he was told to come up front - his membership was being revoked. The story goes on to describe how they have a siren and flashing light that goes off when this rule is broken (they gave it a cute name but it was lost on me).

It seems the "gym" is trying to establish a more friendly and non-intimidating atmosphere - but what this is a symptom of is a continuing trend away from effective strength training.

If you actually expend effort and energy and strive to produce full body tension and lift weights heavy enough to actually build strength - then you may from time to time grunt or exhale loudly and during a successful maximal lift you might just let out a bit of hoop and holler to celebrate! This is not something to be discouraged - it is something to embrace!

Now I am not coming out in support of the yelling, screaming, slapping, stomping and psyching up displays that occur in some instances. Outside of the platform (competition platform that is) or maybe a maximal attempt in the gym - your training should be approached with as little excitation (psyching) as possible - (more on this in a future blog). So stomping, spitting, yelling and the like don't really have a place - other than as source of some amusement - my apologies in advance if you are proud of your psyching displays.

I breath heavy and on occasion (that means every time) I set my deadlift down rather quickly - I do not make a lot of noise but you do know I am in the gym. Guess I won't be joining a Planet Weakness gym anytime soon.


Franz Snideman said...

Yeah Brett,
I read this article and was disgusted. What is the fitness community coming to? Fitness is no longer about effort, strength and giving 100%. It's about looking cool while training and not "offending" anyone.

I see more division in the fitness community in the years to come. One side for the "politically correct" type of training, the other side pro-results and real training methods!

Brett Jones said...

Tis a sad state of affairs in the "gym" industry - makes the rise of personal training studios make sense. Gyms should be free from "intimidation" but others working hard and making progress is not intimidation - it is motivation!
thanks Franz

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