Sunday, November 05, 2006

Making up some ground...

I was traveling and filming DVDs this weekend so I wasn't able to hit the blog on Friday and Saturday but it will be worth the wait for the DVDs.

Gray Cook and I shot two DVDs - one will be a two DVD set on the shoulder and one will be a DVD on the deadlift. I will keep you posted as they become available.

Something from this weekend - even though Gray is considered a "functional" training guru he knows that strength is an important foundation for athletes and the general public. During filming we were discussing how someone will throw their luggage around (which may weight between 25-40 pounds and more) but will balk at the idea of picking up heavier than a 10# dumbbell.

My favorite example is parents who will lift, carry, bend and twist in every possible combination with their child (children are a form of progressive resistance training - starting around 8 pounds and getting up to 40+ pounds before they don't want to be picked up any more) but will again balk at the idea of "lifting" weights! Pick up a 35# child but resist the idea that 35# Kettlebell is ok to lift. Perspective is everything!

Heavy is a relative thing. Not everyone will have a goal in powerlifting or have a desire to hit a maximal weight but this does not preclude that individual from lifting "heavy" for themselves. Fact of the matter is - in order to get toned, and strong you need to progressively get stronger.

This is a recurring theme for me but a necessary one and one that bares repeating.

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