Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A great article to check out:

Lats: Not just for pulldowns by Eric Cressey

A great look at the many functions and importance of the lats. I would have like to have seen more on Eric's thoughts on the importance of the lats in the overhead press but he hits the bench well.

Your back (posterior chain) is what performs well - Your front is what looks good in a mirror!


Anonymous said...

brett mcgill also makes a huge deal of the lats for spinal stabilization as well.I can't beleive how good his book is. It also explains why I blew out my back. WAAAAAY too much round back loading, although Louie says they havent had any blown discs at wsb.

Brett Jones said...

just listen to the guys at WSB they will talk about how the reverse hyper has rehabbed their "blown discs" - seems to be common theme there. So yes they are having issues with the round back lifting IMO.
Lats Rule!

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