Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Internet connection, sleep, nutrition and being on the road...

A very quick trip out to San Diego - left Pittsburgh Sunday afternoon and returned around 9pm on Tuesday night - the details of what I was doing on this trip will be revealed in a future blog but will be of great interest to golfers. ;)

So I got in late Sunday and had an appointment early so there was no time to get on the internet. Then when I did have time it was a pay for surfing place and I couldn't get it to accept my payment so no surfing the net. Amazing that I was unable to get on the net! So no blogs over the next few days. Sorry!

Sleep, Nutrition and being on the road...

5 hours sleep on Sunday night - 6 on Monday - 6 on Tuesday - Not the numbers I am looking for! This has a big effect on the body and mind overall and is why I am not coming up with anything spectacular for the blog today - I can literally feel myself getting a bit dumber as I lack sleep. Do as I say not as I am doing!

Nutrition - I didn't eat poorly during my trip - Asian fusion style cooking and seafood that is great to get in Southern California - but I ate differently than I had been. This always throws my system for a loop and makes life difficult for a few days afterward. Our bodies like routine and life has not been recently.

Travel - At this point a necessary evil that I enjoy because of the work and opportunities it brings - and I don't enjoy because of the sleep, nutrition and "routine" issues it brings up. Such is life! Well enough whining and sleep deprived ramblings!
More actual information tomorrow.

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