Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Jumping Rope

If you don't - you are missing out.

I recently added this back into my routine so on the program listed below I jump rope for 5-7 minutes prior to my weights. My goal in doing this is to strengthen my feet and increase some conditioning.

Lifeline sells some really good jump ropes - you can click though on the products page of my website (go to the bottom of that page).

A great conditioning drill that also hits the feet and some "foot skill" by jumping in different patterns.

Jump rope is a winner - just start with small doses and build into it. And if you are one of those people out there who is saying "But I can't jump rope - I tried and it was just too difficult" - that is exactly why you should be jumping rope. Look into trainers or coaches that can help you learn. It will be worth the effort.

As with any recommendation - see your physician before beginning any new exercise routine and stop if you have pain of any sort and get evaluated. (Disclaimers everywhere!)


Franz Snideman said...

I agree Brett. Jump roping should be in most people's arsenal of exercises. There's a reason why boxers have such quick and agile feet. Good stuff!

How are the seminars going? Looks like you have been doing stuff with Juan Carlos Santana, very cool!

Brett Jones said...

Working with Juan was a pleasure - I had a great time down there at IHP. And looking forward to more in the future. Hope all is well in SD!

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