Thursday, May 29, 2008

Training 5/29/08 - That's more like it...

Prep work:
20kg Halo x 5+5
20kg Goblet Squat x 5
Thoracic Rotation
20kg Get-up x 3+3
20kg Bottom up Get-up x 2+2

VO2 Max 20kg x 7 reps per 15 sec. x 50 sets
(actually 52 sets in 25:45 - must have missed writing down two sets but the clock doesn't lie!)

This was more like it - a much stronger Cardio response and workload.

Feeling good!


Anonymous said...

I love your choice of moves!!! I have been in a similiar place (training wise) as you are now...and yes I completely concur smaller kb's can still pack a punch and take your lunch!!!
question: I am not sure what the goblet squat is...i think you hold the kb at the bell??? i am not sure ..can you describe it?? thanks, alan

Mark Reifkind said...

well done! it will be very interesting to see your application of the snatch vo2 protocols and what adaptations you get.good stuff.

Brett Jones said...

Try this link for a basic description but I will try to post a couple of pics in the next couple of days ...

thanks for the feedback on the workouts - you never really "out grow" a KB.

Thanks Rif,
I hope I adapt by getting into better shape ;)
Seriously - I am going to head for the 24kg after a few more 20kg sessions - should be fun.

Mark Reifkind said...

ouch, better you than me with the 24 for set sof 7 or more. the 20 for 6's is kicking my butt quite well though it will be nothing for a man of your character :-)


Anonymous said...

thanks!! i will check it out!!

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