Wednesday, September 24, 2008

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Here is a great post by Dr. Mark Cheng of KBLA re: the FMS and Secrets of...series:

A belated Congratulations to all those that received the promotion to Senior RKC status:
Shaun Cairns, Jon Engum, Brad Nelson, Doug Nepodal, and Will Williams
And new Team Leader -
Cortez Hull, Dan John, Peter Lakatos, and Jeremy Layport
I look forward to working with at future RKCs.

Revisiting Lighter KBs...
A question on the forum and my recent training has me using "lighter" KBs and loving it.
I used to be of the mind of heavier and heavier work with the KBs - go heavy with a single bell and then progress on to the double bells and keep going heavier - no wonder Powerlifting appealed to me ;-)
But along came Kenneth Jay's VO2 Max protocol and I was reintroduced to the 16kg KB and learned a lot about what "heavy" means. Actively accelerating the Kettlebell with the Lat and the Hike pass and the very quick "turn around" after the hike is nothing short of magic. My hips are quicker and more powerful than ever and my conditioning is on the way up.
Now I make it a point to have a regular rotation from the 16kg up to the 32kg (sometimes the 40kg).
Now to put this in some perspective - I have completed the Beast Challenge, won the first Tactical Strength Challenge, have belt only competition bests of 518 in the Squat and 573 in the deadlift, and I am on the RED nail roster with various other grip feats "under my belt" and I find the 16kg KB to be a very useful tool. The 24kg is what I would call the "sweet spot" for me and the 32 and 40 work my strength just fine.
Light is relative of course and these numbers will need to be adjusted for the individual but don't be afraid to go "light".

Training today...
Prep work - Z, Brettzel, ASLR
16kg Get-ups x 5+5, 5+5, 5+5, 5+5
16kg Goblet Squat x 10
Hip Flexor stretch

Performed a variety of Get-up variations - high bridge, overhead squat, 3/4 Get-up with a half-kneeling press etc.... Feeling good.

Go one post lower and check out upcoming workshops....


Anonymous said...

Great advice and perspective on "strength" on how it relates to picking a KB!!! Love it! I haven't traveled your road or hold near as many notches on my belt as you...but I also held the "Go heavy or go home concept", close to heart...until recently!!

Louie Simmons even stated from his world of strength and power..."there is alot our 700 lb benchers do with a 35 lb and 53 lb KB, why go heavier?"...later, alan
Good stuff - thanks for the accountability!!

Sean Schniederjan RKC said...

Brett, if you ever get a chance it would interesting to hear your thoughts on cardio training from high rep snatching via the VO2max protocal in comparison with straight sets i.e. ETK format or GS.

Your accomplishments are staggering, I hope to pick your brain a little at the RKC if there's time.

Brett Jones said...

Thanks - always great to have reminders that "go heavy all the time usually means you will be going home - and not by choice"

I like the Vo2 max protocol and yes we will grab some time to chat at the Oct. RKC

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