Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Secret training...

Had to take my training underground - Gray and I are prepping for two video shoots this coming weekend. I will release details as I can.

Couple of recent observations -
...but there is no ONE solution to anything. like most things that happen, there are multiple reasons they occur, and multiple ways to assess and correct them. our bodies are no different. it is always wonderful and amazing thing that the RKC continually deconstructs, adds and changes as new and appropriate information comes to the fore.
Andrea U-Shi Chang RKC, CK-FMS
Certified Z-Health Instructor

Andrea U-Shi Chang on the kbforum.dragondoor.com forum answering a question about the Brettzel, FMS, Z etc...

There is no one solution - I use the FMS as my consistent baseline assessment and I do use the FMS corrections a very large percentage of the time but you have to keep an open mind to all possible options but you have to have a consistent baseline that tells you if things have changed. FMS is mine.

Observation #2
Does your workout leave you moving and feeling better or Does it leave you beaten and moving worse?
Pavel had a great quote in Power to the People from an old time strongman -
"After a workout you should feel ready to battle for the kingdom - not like the battle has been lost"
or words to that effect (I am paraphrasing since I don't have the book in front of me)


Paul Wade said...

Oh man...Mike Mentzer wouldn't have liked this post!!

But for what it's worth, I think you're right Brett. Training becomes subjective wisdom after a while--not objective, black-and-white science. Many answers; a myriad of possibilites, not cookie-cutter thinking.

Can we get any more info on the upcoming stuff with Gray??

Brett Jones said...

I'll shoot you an email Coach - but it is a true mind set change to think of moving better after training than to want a "workout" - there is a time and place to push for your limits but it shouldn't make you feel worse.

Mike T Nelson said...

Very wise words by all!

Training should ENHANCE your life and movement!

Rock on
Mike T Nelson PhD(c)

SG Human Performance said...

Great post Brett! Couldn't agree with you more. I have a client now that used to work with a personal trainer and he stated that he always had sore knees after his workout and was told "that is just how the workout should feel". Then I screened him and he scored an 8. He was baffled at the score and really felt like he would test well. It was an eye opening experience for him. Now he scored an 11 and is moving better and more pain free. More work to do, but now he enjoys his workouts and feels great afterwards.

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