Monday, September 20, 2010

Back from a Great Philadelphia RKC

Congratulations to all the new RKCs from this past weekends Philadelphia RKC - it was a long weekend but always a transformative and amazing experience.

Did manage to get a couple of small training sessions this weekend
After setting up for the RKC on Thursday:
Prep - Arm bar and shoulder openers
2/24 kg Long Cycle Clean and Jerk x 5 sets of 10 reps

Friday after the first day of the RKC:
16 kg x 1+1
48 kg x 1+ 0 on left
20 kg x 1+1
44 kg x 1+1
24 kg x 1+1
40 kg x 1+1
28 kg x 1+1
36 kg x 1+1
32 kg x 1+1

Missing the 48 kg get-up on the left was a surprise but with the right hip/surgery stuff I am balancing out it shouldn't be too much of a surprise. All the other Get-ups went very well so I guess I'm not too bad off. ;-)

A word of advice to future RKC or HKC attendees (and everyone really) - Make sure you don't have any underlying movement restrictions! Had one attendee this weekend with very restricted Ankle mobility (very restricted) and it had a HUGE impact on his form. Same for another attendee who had both ASLR and SM issues and yet another that is dealing with a hip/ASLR issue. These underlying movement restrictions/asymmetries and/or training in pain etc... have major impacts on form and performance.
Get an FMS screen and get it dialed in.


Unknown said...

Nice getup routine. I guess i need some heavier bells...

i'll miss ya this weekend. ;)


Smitty.Diesel said...

thanks for everything in Philly bro.

Brett Jones said...

It was interesting - heaviest I have at home is a 40 kg so I might need to invest in a heavier KB soon.

Great working with you there at the RKC and look forward to where you take the KB training.


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