Saturday, September 04, 2010

Training 9/4/10

Foam roller and Foot "rolling"
ASLR work
1# Club Swinging
Timed set work
16 kg x 20 min.
Consisting of:
30 sec. R + 30 sec. Left MP
30 sec. R + 30 sec. Left Clean and Press
30 sec. R + 30 sec. Left Clean+Squat+Push Press
X 5 cycles
30 sec. Alt swing + 30 sec rest x 4 cycles
Last minute of Alternating Swings

Finishing with the swings was actually refreshing and I got crisper as the sets went on and the last minute felt very good.
Yes I set the KB down during the 30 sec. on 30 sec. off sets of swings but no other rest during the 20 min.

Tomorrow will likely be Get-ups but we shall see....

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