Monday, April 23, 2012

Upside down Abs

Really dialing in the ab activation/isometric during a handstand is quickly becoming  a favorite along with HLRs

In fact I did a brief workout on Saturday and in hindsight it was a single set of HSPU (set of 5 reps) with "maxed" out abdominals that has had my abs sore for two days - fun stuff

Another circuit day today

prep - Foam Roller, ASLR, T-spine, hips, rolling

3 Circuits of: 
HLR x 5
HSPU x 3, 5, 3
Pull-up +45# x 5, 5 - Chins +90# x 3
Pistols 16 kg rack x 3+3
Uneven push-up x 5+5
16 kg Snatch x 30+30

If the reps changed for an exercise it is noted
HSPU was on and off of being able to really dial in the abs

2 circuits of:
dips +45# x 10
Bridges x 6


Brad said...

Brett, looks like you've exceeded your stored message quota on dragondoor and I have not been able to respond to your last PM. This is Brad, and I was trying to set up an appointment on 5/11.

Brad said...

Brett, don't know if the first comment went through. Your stored message quote on dragondoor is full. This is Brad, and I was trying to set up an appointment on 5/11.

Brett Jones said...

Send me an email


Brad said...

Brett, have you received my latest emails, those of 5/6 and 5/16?

Brad said...

Yes, thank you. Though I won't be taking action right away. My appendix ruptured and was taken out today.

Brad said...

Weird. Just the notification that a new comment was posted and didn't bother to read it carefully. I thought it was YOU asking if I had received your email with the SFMA contacts.

Brett Jones said...

Take your time and heal up from surgery

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